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The Bible Project :: Justice

What is Biblical Justice? One of the fundamental characteristics that set human beings apart from other creatures that God created is their need for justice. Why is it, though, that animals are able to kill their own kind or abandon their children and it be considered natural while humans are held to a much higher moral standard? It turns out that the Bible has an interesting take on this question.

Eric Mason leads Epiphany Fellowship Panel Discussion on Race, Justice, and the Gospel in the Wake of George Floyd’s death.

Dr. Eric Mason is joined by Pastor Nyron Burke, Dr. Sarita Lyons, and Dr. Tiffany Gill for a discussion on justice. They offer biblical reflections and responses to ongoing injustice, including the murder of George Floyd.

Dr. Tony Evans speaks from his heart on social injustice

The loss of precious lives due to racism is indicative of a larger cultural and spiritual pandemic. The devolution of our society is drastically different from the way God intends us to live. Justice and righteousness should be hand in hand. It’s time for prayer, for hearts to change, and for all of us to work together.

Doug Logan :: Understanding Race & Reconciliation in the USA

The informative discussion, which was moderated by Matt Chandler, included Dr. Eric Mason, Léonce Crump, Brandon Washington, Thabiti Anyabwile, and Dwayne Bond. These godly and well respected leaders provided churches insight and wisdom for the purpose of moving the conversation in the direction of unity, for the glory of God.

A Call to Justice, Restoration, and Renewal

“George Floyd’s death-plea, “I can’t breathe,” has become the rallying cry for people who have experienced the suffocating grip of racial oppression and injustice. Racism is undeniably woven into the fabric of this nation—from our treatment of Native Americans, to the institution of slavery, segregation policies and Jim Crow laws, redlining in urban sectors, and the ever-evolving overt and covert modern practices in our economic, political, social, and religious spheres of life. Black men and women live under the particularly heavy shadow of generational pain that is the result of gross inequality and inequity.”

“No one understands what it’s like to lose a loved one to injustice and hate more than God our Father, who willingly gave up his own Son.”

Structural Racism
The Child of Structural Pride :: John Piper

“Racism is an explicit or implicit feeling or belief or practice that values one race over other races, or devalues one race beneath others. Why do we do this? Because of pride. Egotism. Haughtiness. Vain-glory. What could be clearer than the fact that we devalue other races in order to exalt our own, and gain the advantages that go with it? This is why racism is also the sibling of the fraternal triplets greed, fear, and lust. We value our own race, and devalue others to gain benefits (greed), avoid perceived loss (fear). And all the while lust aids and abets the process by sucking the vestiges of decency out of our souls.

Racism is the spoiled child of pride. And structural racism is the sturdy child of structural pride. They are organically connected. Pride gives birth to racism. Structural pride gives birth to structural racism.”

King and Kingdom: Racial Justice and the Uneasy Conscience of American Christianity

This message from Russell Moore was delivered at the MLK50 Conference in Memphis, TN on April 4, 2018.

Recommended Resources on Race and Justice

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